Vic Lennard

Music, Maths & Journalism

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Here are some examples of my playing including tracks from:
• The Latiesha Maria Band
• Liza Finn's Insight EP
• Paul Simmons' No Compromise CD
• Moving Hearts Ministeries
• Meop – the musical (with Dwight Gaul)
• Butterscotch
• Mirror Image
• Release The Peach
• Groove UnLtd
• Soul Reaction


Current equipment includes:

Fender Strat and Tele, G&L Legacy, Gibson 335, Yamaha Silent Guitars, Taylor 314 6-string acoustic, Taylor W65CE 12-string acoustic, 1960 Martin D28, 1947 Martin 00-17, 1960 Martin 5-15T, Parker Nitefly Mojo Flame, Carvin 12-string, Rogue STR1 electric sitar

Mesa-Boogie Quad Preamp with Palmer PGA-05, Acus One 8, Mesa-Boogie Mk 2c+, 1980s Musicman RD50 head, Mesa-Boogie Lonestar with 1x12 Mesa-Boogie cabs

TC G-System, Custom pedal board, TC Nova System.